Фильтр Crema - Кофеварки рожкового типа

15.11The Perfect Date
The Perfect Date
Thin ribbons of veal tongue, spun into bite-sized coils, arrive on a plate smeared with cooling crema fresca, paper-thin radish and jalapeño slices, daubs of pickled mustard seeds and dots of salsa fresca ($11). Deep-fried chicharrones are deliciously
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15.11With Coffee, the Price of Individualism Can Be High
With Coffee, the Price of Individualism Can Be High
For instance, a Lavazza Gran Crema espresso capsule has 7 grams of coffee, the standard for most chain coffee stores. But independent coffee shops regularly pack 14 to 22 grams into an espresso shot. When it comes to single-serve systems, you're not
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The special seal provides enough air pressure that you can almost get a crema on your espresso. Then just push the syringe-like plunger through and pop out the filter and compressed grounds - ready for the compost. Aerobie Aeropress, $29.95, available San Francisco Chronicle
That means you can get actual, real crema on your espresso, unlike a lot of other single serve machines that use various ways of faking the crema. You select which pressure to use by selecting either the espresso cup or the coffee cup on the control ROASTe (blog)