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Cherry steps into shadows with grace and dignity
15.11.19 - The Kingston Whig-Standard

One person has risen with distinction above the fury that has grown from the honorary degree Royal Military College wanted to give Don Cherry.

Don Cherry.

You may recall the college would have bestowed the honour Nov. 17 had an instructor not questioned whether Cherry was a worthy recipient.

Once that bit of controversy hit the fan, the lid blew off. People who wouldn't know a degree from a demitasse became instant experts in everything from the Armed Forces to academic process to what everyone from the commandant to Cherry's paperboy should do about it.

The magnitude of public outcry tells us two things -- the extraordinary place Don Cherry seems to hold in our hearts, and the admiration we have for our Armed Forces. When the two intersect it becomes a story that far exceeds its true place in the grand scheme.

Источник: The Kingston Whig-Standard

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