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Lunden Souza: Discover the power of protein
22.11.19 - Merced Sun-Star

Protein is the building block of life. Your body absolutely needs protein in order to repair and function properly. Oftentimes, people struggle with getting enough protein into their diet, and can experience a lack of energy. Do you ever feel extra tired or lethargic about 3 or 4 p.m.? That can be a sign that you do not have enough protein in your diet and that your muscle is wasting. Instead of reaching for the Red Bull or energy drink, opt for an increase in your daily intake of protein.

One serving of protein is about the size of your flat hand. My source of protein is foods such as chicken breast, turkey breast, salmon, tuna, filet mignon, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, egg whites or egg substitute, lean ground beef, lean ground turkey, tilapia, shrimp and black beans. Make sure you have a serving of protein with every meal or snack of the day.

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A whiff of rosemary gives your brain a boost
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